Teen Mom UK’s Shannon Wise Explains How Her Relationship With Boyfriend Charlie Is Going After A Tough Series – Exclusive

When Shannon Wise made her emotional debut on Teen Mom UK last series, she faced her fair share of challenges, especially in her relationship with Charlie, with the pair arguing over trust, their schedule with Theodore and their history together.

As they prepare to show more of the highs and lows of parenthood in the brand new series, Shannon has exclusively updated MTV about how things are now between the couple – and it’s good news.

Shannon updates fans on what’s new since the last series of Teen Mom UK in this video:

Chatting to friend and, of course, fellow young mum Sassi Simmonds, Shannon opened up about her relationship with Charlie, explaining that though they do still argue, things between the two of them seem to be going a little smoother now.

She says: “(Since last series) Well me and Charlie kind of got things back on track. There were obviously a few bumps in the road along the way.”

Shannon Wise updates Teen Mom UK fans on her relationship


Shannon adds: “He’s not living with me, he probably won’t do anytime soon. I prefer it like that as well because sometimes when he just stays one night on the weekend we argue, like we even argue when he doesn’t stay so if we lived together, we just wouldn’t work.”

Though she may face relationship challenges, Shannon wants fans to see that things are a lot more positive for her in the new series – despite what they might think about her “moaning.”

She tells Sassi: “I hope fans will see that I’m a much happier person this series. I get told a lot as well that I moan loads and that I just don’t stop moaning, all I do is moan.”

Who doesn’t love a good moan though, right?

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Source:: MTV — News