Teen Mom UK’s Shannon Wise Reveals The Worst Part Of Being A Parent As She Shares Advice For Looking After Yourself As A Mother – Exclusive

New addition to the Teen Mom UK family Shannon Wise hasn’t been shy in showing the true realities of her life as a parent on the show, from the difficulties of trying to revise for her GCSEs while looking after son Theodore to working on her relationship with Theodore’s dad, Charlie.

Now, Shannon has revealed what she’s found to be the hardest thing about becoming a parent, and shared the importance of making time to look after yourself as a mum.

Watch Shannon reveal what she wishes she’d known about parenthood in this video:

Speaking exclusively to MTV UK, Shannon explains how difficult it was to deal with the lack of sleep, saying: “You’re literally gonna get no sleep. I remember I used to – it would be the daytime, as soon as it would approach the evening, I’d start getting really worried because I knew that everyone was then gonna go to bed and I’d be on my own and then I’d have to deal with this baby that doesn’t sleep.

“It was probably the worst part of being a parent for me really.”


She adds that her mum’s advice about parenthood turned out to be very true, admitting: “My mum always used to say being a mum literally is from when you wake up to when you close your eyes, and even when you close your eyes it doesn’t finish because then your baby wakes you up again to, I don’t know, have a feed or just because they want a cuddle and obviously she was right because I learnt that the hard way.”

Sharing her advice about looking after your mental health as a mother, Shannon tells MTV: “Keep taking things slow with yourself, making sure that not only are you looking after your baby but you also need to look after yourself as well.

“I think being a mum is obviously very difficult and very time-consuming and you almost forget to look after yourself and your head so that’s a very important thing, even if it’s just an hour while the baby’s asleep, just do something that helps you or stops you from getting upset, but I get that it is difficult sometimes.”

We love this advice, Shannon.

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Source:: MTV — News