The Best Vegan Makeup And Skincare

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Buying beauty products when you’re a vegan can be tricky. Unfortunately, things often aren’t labeled clearly enough and animal by-products can hide behind fancy scientific names meaning it’s difficult to distinguish whether or not a product really is vegan-friendly.

So to help you out, we’ve compiled a handy list of a) ingredients to look out for and b) our favourite completely vegan beauty buys that you can add to your shopping list. It’s completely guilt-free shopping…. well, kinda.

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If a beauty product says that it’s vegan or ‘vegan-friendly’ it basically means that it’s completely free from any animal byproducts. That could be anything from beeswax, egg whites or honey. If something is cruelty-free it doesn’t mean that it’s vegan – it means that neither the products nor their ingredients have been tested on animals. And vice-versa – not all vegan products are necessarily cruelty-free, although many products are both.

Collagen: Collagen is often extracted from bones, connective tissue and skin – meaning it’s definitely not vegan-friendly.

Beeswax (aka cera alba, cera lava): Although vegetarian, beeswax (and honey) are not vegan

Carmine (aka cochineal, cochineal extract, crimson lake, natural red 4, C.I. 75470, E120 and carminic acid): This is a deep red pigment which is often taken from insects and beetles – agh.

Guanine (aka CI 75170): This is what often makes products shimmery or iridescent, however it’s often made from fish scales – mermaid makeup really isn’t vegan friendly!

Lanolin: Used as a super hydrating moisturiser, lanolin is made from the grease that’s extracted from sheep wool – not vegan, boo.

Squalene: This was originally sourced from the oil found in the liver of sharks but nowadays it’s quite common to product squalene from olive oil – so always double check!

We’ve searched up and down the beauty aisles for the very best completely vegan products, to tailor make a whole shopping list for you. Here’s what we’re loving, and what you can add to your basket, safe in the knowledge that no animals (or their byproducts) were harmed…

Your Go-To Vegan Shopping List…

Words: Chloe Burcham

Source:: MTV — News