The First Trailer For Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Is Here And It’s Terrifying

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina finally has a trailer and it’s safe to say it’s nothing like any version of the sassy witch we’ve seen already.

This time around the show is based on the Archie Comics’ imprint Archie Horror, so think less studio filmed lols about dating and more storylines surrounding creepy looking dinner parties.

Created by the people behind Riverdale fans are already hoping for a crossover, what with Sabrina’s hometown of Greendale having been mentioned on the show before, but according to exec producer Jon Goldwater there are no plans for Archie and the gang to meet her just yet.

But it’s just got to happen at some point, right?

And it’s clearly going to be a hit, with Netflix having already ordered two seasons of the show in anticipation of us becoming obsessed with it. Which, tbh, is already accurate and it’s not even out yet.

Kiernan Shipka takes on the lead role as the witch herself, while Ross Lynch plays boyfriend Harvey Kinkle.

The first episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina arrives on Netflix on 26 October.

Source:: MTV — News