The Geordie Shore Lasses’ Best Ever Make-Up Free Instagram Pics

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Normally they are preened to perfection (Nathan Henry ™️) in the Geordie Shore house, but the Geordie lasses aren’t afraid to show us another side with some naked faced selfies. And they all look incredible without it, tbh.

You have to see the Geordie Lasses’ incredible transformations over the years…

For someone who’s the face of her own make-up brand Charlotte actually posts a lot of bare faced selfies. And of course she always looks totally gorgeous.

And now we know things must be getting serious with new bae Josh Ritchie after she posted a pic of them together in bed with a naked face. “When you do go make-up free, it’s like a test and shows that you really do like him,” she once told heat magazine.

Holly’s another Geordie Shore babe who fronts a make up line, but she’s not shy about wiping it all off and showing her fans what’s under the foundation. And concealer. And highlighter. And contour.

And we love her freckles, they are totally adorbs.

Marnie and boyfriend Casey Johnson have just launched their own unisex range of cosmetics, but she’s comfortable enough to go bare on Instagram on the regular – and she always looks stunning.

Writing about her new make-up collection, Both Ways, on social media Marns said; “This brand has been my dream and I am so glad it’s come to life! Men often get forgotten when it comes to cosmetics and hopefully we can break the stereotype. This brand isn’t just for men either!”

Who needs foundation when you’ve got that happy holiday glow? Vicky looks stunning with a face free from make up on holiday in South Africa.

But generally Vicky’s much happier when it’s all layered on. “I feel much more confident with it all on: tan, concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, blusher, mascara, eyeshadow, false lashes, the lot,” she once confessed to heat magazine.

Chloe’s another Geordie Shore star who embraces the natural look on holiday. Well apart from her lashes, they’re clearly fake. But our all-time fave Chloe make-up free selfie also features her pet car Barbara.

And as another Geordie Shore star with her own make-up line Chloe dreams of the Kardashian’s wearing her brand, “I’d be buzzing! I think I’d retire! That would be amazing, but I know they’d never do that,” she told heat magazine. Hold on to your dreams, Chlo!

Abbie got a tough time from internet trolls over a make-up mistake when she first joined Geordie Shore.

“When the whole make-up thing came out, I didn’t want to leave my house. It was in my first series and (I) didn’t have a clue about make-up, didn’t have a clue about anything,” she told MTV at the time.

But that hasn’t stopped her from embracing the fully done up look most of the time, although she does occasionally post pics with more toned down make-up.

Who needs make-up when you’re at the spa with a glass of wine and all the facial services you could ever dream of?

Soph’s definitely toned things down since the early says of Geordie shore. “My make-up now has changed. Say my nose, I put highlighter down the middle. Cheekbones – highlighter. Chin – highlighter. Shading I do on the top bones, the lower cheeks and I blend it all in. I do a lot of contouring and a nice coral cheek,” she told Now magazine of her make-up routine.

WATCH! The Geordie Lasses’ incredible transformations over the years…

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