The Most Ruthless Reality TV Villains EVER

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Everyone knows that reality TV is absolutely nothing without a good old villain. Most aren’t brave enough to step up to the plate, but someone’s gotta do it. Fortunately this lot just so happened to be up for the challenge. From Geordie Shore’s Ricci Guarnaccio’s Twitter fury following his split from Vicky Pattison to Spencer Pratt‘s beef with literally EVERYONE back in the day on The Hills – we just love a TV bad guy. We’re not saying they’re bad people, they just did a bad thing or two on the telly – like when Jonny Mitchell broke the nation’s sweetheart, Camilla Thurlow’s, heart on Love Island over the summer (yeah, we’re still getting over that one). Or when Stephen Bear wound up every person he’s ever come into contact with once the cameras are rolling, but that’s just why we love him!

Sit back, relax and enjoy reminding yourself of the most ruthless reality TV villains to ever grace our screens…

So there you have it – ruthless, but very much necessary to any successful reality show. You’ve seen the villains, but we guess you’re wondering what exactly they are up to now. Does evil still run through their veins? Or was it all just in the name of making great telly? Let’s be real, it’s probs the latter but if you’re really desperate to know you can find out where all your fave villains are now right here.

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Source:: MTV — News