The Royal World Everything You Need To Know

Meanwhile housemate Adeniyi ‘Niyi’ Obafemi Olopade added: “[It’s] Fun, regal and very loud.”

We’re fizzing more furiously than a flute of champagne with excitement as MTV’s first ever “royalty” TV show is about to smash onto our screens like an antique vase on a mansion’s marble floor.

So cancel any social engagements because on Wednesday 7th November at 10pm The Royal World will blow into our lives like a breath of fresh heir… (Soz.)

What should one expect from this splendid new show? Outrageous kick-offs and scandalous shenanigans as a bunch of boujee boys and girls (including a Baroness, a Lady and a couple of absolute Counts) spend the summer together in the English country mansion. May the chaos commence, darlings!


We caught up EXCLUSIVELY with the Royal World fam where the privileged partiers teased what we can expect when the show premieres in just under a month.

“The Royal World is an absolute fabulous thing that you’ve never seen before,” declared Baroness Jessica Heydel.


Meanwhile housemate Adeniyi ‘Niyi’ Obafemi Olopade added: “[It’s] Fun, regal and very loud.”


Joining Jessica and Niyi in their plush pad are fellow big name housemates: Zara Zoffany Farida Sassoon-Munns, Count Michael ‘Misha’ Zadie Campbell and Count Dimitri ‘Dima’ Ziadie Campbell, Lady Camilla Beresford.

Sienna Rose Myson, Daniel MacLaurin and American Tyler Dooley – who doesn’t have a big name but is the actual nephew of Meghan Markle. So… Yeah! These kids are SRSLY legit.


They may have been schooled in some of the world’s finest educational establishments, but these young royals and aristocrats still have a lot to learn about life (and in particular: being nice…)

Casting her mind back, Jessica recalled one rather awkward moment, saying: “Watching two girls trying to get along,” before adding: “It gets very heated.”

It’s not all aggy dram though. There are lols aplenty.

Chatting about the funniest moment from the series, Master of Ceremonies Archie Manners revealed: “[It] involves a lady of the realm, some fecal matter and a handkerchief.”



Putting this many posh and privileged kids in a house together is obvs gonna cause a spot of bother. But what was the most shocking moment of the series?

Niyi said: “It’s a moment which results in someone being called cheap,” with the 23-year-old adding: “Cheap in the royal world? Shocking!”

Outrageous behaviour indeed!

Posh people have a rep for being eccentric, and these youngsters ain’t no different.

Talking about the strangest moment in the house, 21-year-old Daniel (of the Maclaurin family – one of the oldest and most regal clans in Scotland) ‘fessed up to enjoying some: “Weird Fairy liquid hot tub sessions.”


Whilst 24-year-old Zara admitted: “I mean, we’re all pretty strange so…”


Being Master of Ceremonies to this squad of high-maintenance huns ain’t easy as Archie explained: “Oh darling! When you’re dealing with Royals, everybody is high-maintenance,” before adding: “I’ve had my work cut out.”

Though Sienna admits: “I might be the most high-maintenance person in the house,” before the 26-year-old revealed: “And I get a lot of crap for it.”


But the big question is: who was the Queen of the house?

Sienna (who has won gold medals for her awesome horse riding skillz) confessed: “Zara definitely considered herself the queen,” before sassily adding: “Not that I agree with that.”

What about the lads? Any of these chaps fancy themselves as The Royal World king?

“I think all the boys took turns at being the king of the house,” declared Zara.

Well whoever runs the house there’s one thing for sure; The Royal World is gonna rule and champagne fueled carnage will reign!

So get ready for a right royal knees up when The Royal World arrives on Wednesday 7th November @ 10pm – only on MTV!

Source:: MTV — News