The Valleys Reunion: Lateysha Grace & Carley Belmonte Reveal What Happened After The Cameras Stopped

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Ah 2012, what a time to be alive! There was a new royal baby on the way, Fifty Shades Of Grey had got everyone back into reading, and Barack Obama was still the president of the USA. Simpler days.

But let’s be honest, none of this compared to the momentous historical moment that was The Valley’s hitting our screens. From the moment it aired, people were hooked to the outrageous behaviour of welsh the gang. While to goal was for the fresh faced bunch of beauts to achieve their dreams, each episode always seemed to end the same way: the gang all steaming and falling apart in oh so spectacular fashion. How we miss it.

However, since The Valleys sadly ended in 2014, a lot has changed for the cast. We caught up with two of the break out stars, Lateysha Grace and Carley Belmont, to see just how much life has changed or indeed hasn’t. Is Chidge back on the building site? Is Jenna a lawyer? And who still stays in touch with who? Find out in the exclusive interview below with the well lush pair below:

Source:: MTV — News