The World’s Best Nightlife, Ranked by Closing Time

For example, The City That Never Sleeps apparently lives up to its nickname – because New York City is actually only number 4 on the list, with an average ‘lights out’ time of 2:20am.

Which destinations beat the Big Apple? Athens, Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur take first, second and third place, actually – with closing times of 2:56am, 2:52am, and 2:23am respectively. Yes, on average you can stay out a whole 3 minutes later in KL than NYC.

As for the other end of the scale, it’s England’s very own London town that takes last place, with an average of just 12:09am. Ouch.

To put that into perspective, the study shows that 25% of bars in top-of-the-list Athens stay open until 5am, while only 2% of those in London do the same.

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