These Are The Real World Locations That Inspired Disney’s Frozen

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If you’re anything like us, then you probably try to incorporate Frozen into as much of your life as possible.

Mainly by attempting to recreate Elsa’s iconic braid, but still.

But now, you can actually visit the REAL WORLD locations that inspired the fictional town of Arendelle – and it’s only as far away as Norway.

The historic town of Bergen, a UNESCO World Heritage City, is said to be the real world place that inspired Frozen’s beauty, and it’s not hard to see why.

With its colourful, pointy houses and beautiful habour, you can basically point out exactly where For The First Time In Forever is belted out.

As if that’s not enough to convince you to book the first flight out to Norway, there’s more.

According to The Fairytale Traveler, Anna and Elsa’s dresses are apparently based on traditional Norwegian folk costumes.

AND, Norway love themselves some folklore, which would make sense as to why trolls pop up in Frozen’s story, too.

So do yourself a favour and make your way to the Western fjords… Just after ONE more watch of the film, right?

– By Charlotte Warwick

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