This Summer Internship Will Pay You To Go On Dates

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This summer just got a whole lot hotter, thanks to a new summer internship opportunity that will send you on 10 dates over 10 weeks with 10 different people…. and pay you for the privilege. Fo reals.

Hit play on the video to see the Peruvian rainforest treehouse you will want to relocate to immediately…

But what why how who? Well, it’s all down to CLiKD, an online dating app searching for an intern to produce 10 blog or vlog features about the dates, which will include all sorts of fun things like escape rooms, cocktail making, treasure trails, boat trips, and even VIP tickets to a European music festival. So not exactly your standard dinner and a movie, then.

As if you weren’t already definitely applying, there’s also a success story involved – last year’s CLiKD intern Daria Lazo, found love on her second date… and they’re still together.

“Without a doubt, this has to be the coolest internship in the world,” Daria said of the experience. “It’s been such a blast, from seeing myself on billboards, to being interviewed on radio and podcasts, being paid get to go on dates, and blog about it?! Never mind meeting an amazing guy and being sent to a festival with him… It has most certainly been a life changing experience overall!”.

CLiKD CEO Michael Blakeley reckons this year is going to be even bigger and better too, saying: “We not only have some amazing dates lined up, but some brilliant work experience for them as well, from vlogging, to magazines, radio and possibly even TV appearances – the intern had better get ready for a whirlwind summer of fun and excitement!”

Well. If you’re interested, over 18, single, and can make it to the London based CLiKD offices for the duration of the internship (can be part-time with a minimum of 1 day a week), you can apply on the CLiKD website until midnight June 7th, 2018.

Source:: MTV — News