Troye Sivan And Ariana Grande Dropped Their Collab ‘Dance To This’ And The Reactions Are Hilar

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First off, Troye Sivan‘s new single ‘Dance To This’ ft. Ariana Grande is an absolute bop, and the Twitter-verse knows it.

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And to prove the point? The single is now #1 on the Global iTunes Chart!

But what makes this whole sitch even better, is Ariana Grande’s and Troye’s friendship. We stan.

So do the fans, and their hilar tweets are what’s making our morning.


— ari (@loveelyariana) June 13, 2018

Do you think someone’s an Ari fan?

when ‘the light is coming’ I will just ‘dance to this’ in my ‘bed’

— tomariana♡ (@WeFocusOnYouAri) June 13, 2018

And everyone’s freaking out ‘cos Ari’s feature on Nicki Minaj’s single ‘Bed’ drops today and honestly it’s all just a bit too much. (But we’re here for it obvs).

Fans are already being hella impatient for the ‘Dance To This’ video, and this double-date vid concept is one we can get down with. Imagine Troye, his boyfriend Jacob Bixenman, Ariana and Pete Davidson on set together – we’d get major fomo.

Dance to this music video concept: Jacob, Troye, Ariana, and Pete just dancing around on a beach being their carefree selves

— p (@gottabebloom) June 14, 2018

But seriously, this’d be cute af.

Now all we have to do is wait for Nicki’s ‘Bed’ to drop today, and Ari’s ‘The Light Is Coming’ ft. Nicki Minaj on 20th June, and Ariana will officially have made Pride month one big party.

Source:: MTV — News