Ultra Rare Shiny Pikachu Has Appeared In Pokemon Go: Here's Where To Find It

They have been SO MANY new Pokémon popping up in Pokémon Go, but now there’s another super rare Pokémon… and this one just might be the cutest of the lot!

Why? Because it’s Pikachu. Yes, that’s right – good ‘ole Pikachu. Only it’s not any old Pikachu – this one is Shiny!

The Pokemon Company

In case you wondered, there’s only one other Shiny Pokémon available right now, and that’s the Shiny Magikarp, which eventually becomes Shiny Gyarados.

Sorry to break it to you, but right now the Shiny Pikachu is only available in Japan as part of its Pikachu Outbreak festival. Caught, he can evolve into Shiny Raichu. We don’t yet know when or if he’ll be stopping by the UK, but we’ll keep you posted, Trainers!

These super rare pokemon can be found in Europe right now – but you’ve gotta be quick!

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– By Vikki Blake @_vixx

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