Valentine’s Gifts To Buy Yourself BC You Deserve It

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Because you deserve to look like a Valentine’s Day queen even if you’re not celebrating it.

When Valentine’s Day starts to rear its ugly head, every couple starts panic buying pointless gifts for each other in order to hopefully express their feelings to their partners through materialistic possessions (we’re totes not bitter), but this year is all about one’s self.

Why would you buy gifts for somebody else when you can buy them for yourself? Exactly.

Here’s a list of all the Valentine’s Day themed gifts you should be buying to make yourself feel happy this year. We don’t need no partner to satisfy our needs, oh no, not when we have Fenty.


Because you deserve to look like a Valentine’s Day queen even if you’re not celebrating it.

Morphe X Jeffree Star

It’s the new Morphe X Jeffree Star brush set collection, need we say more?


If you can’t find happiness elsewhere on Valentine’s, you may as well try one of these bath bombs.

The Perfume Shop

Smell like a true queen with Ari’s brand-new perfume. It’s meant to make you feel happy and comforted. We stan.


What’s better than a Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon and a book of philosophical quotes from Kim Kardashian herself? The answer is nothing, FYI.


Period. Point blank. Full stop. An amazing highlighter. Go get your glow on.

Fenty Beauty

The contrasting dark tones and bright blue hues in this palette will make for the perfect moody eye to stare down couples with.

Savage X Fenty

Treat yourself to brand-new lingerie, at the end of the day, you deserve it.


Become the queen we all know you are and strut around the world on the 14th wearing a crown. It’s inflatable though so be careful of tree branches, we guess?

No matter what you decide to buy for yourself this year, you just should. Get shopping. If there was ever a time to treat yourself, it’s now.

Source:: MTV — News