Vicky Pattison Wants To Take Cheryl On The Pull And Gives The Most Iconic Advice On Self-Love

Former Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has had a pretty rough time as-of-late after ending her engagement to John Noble, but the lass has been nothing but ray of positivity through it all.

Now she’s taking it a step further and wanting to take all celeb singletons everywhere out on the lash, okay, well, not everyone, just Cheryl Tweedy. But still! Cheryl. Imagine. Now that’s a whole lot of potential paparazzi pictures we’d fully invest in.

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Talking to The Sun, Vicky opened up about her newfound self-love, saying: “I’m young-ish, single and I’m finally going to dedicate time to myself.”

“I spent so many years lavishing my affection and time on men who didn’t deserve it. This is the year where I put myself first.” She added. “I feel like me and Cheryl need to go on the pull. I feel like me and Ferne need to go on the pull.”

If the education system didn’t fail us completely and some of our mathematics skills remain intact (barely though, let’s be real), then that means that all three of them could potentially be heading on a night out in the Toon soon. Iconic.


“Just watch out. Men of Great Britain. We’re all coming for you,” she added.

Answering a question over her relationship with John Noble, the Geordie unintentionally gave the most iconic self-love advice that every lass and lad needs to hear, saying: “I did love him with all my heart, but I love myself more. F**k him.”

Too damn right.

Source:: MTV — News