Vicky Pattison’s Giving Up Gin And Make Up For A Week On Boot Camp Holiday

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As we type, Vicky Pattison is in Wales and working up a sweat at a fitness boot camp. We feel exhausted just thinking about it, TBH.

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The Geordie Shore star is taking some much-needed ‘me time’, after admitting to overindulging recently.

“After about a month of non stop filming, shooting, partying, holidaying and celebrating my liver and thighs aren’t in the best shape!! I’m off to Wales for a much needed break from gin and bread at @prestigebootcamp!!! BRING IT ON!!!,” she said on Instagram.

Speaking in a Insta story she added, “That’s me done for the day, or should I say that’s me done for the week. I can’t remember my last proper day off, so I am headed from Clapham to Wales for a little jaunt, and it’s well needed put it that way,”

“I am desperate for a week where I wear no make up, I drink no gin and I can just exercise and feel good again… so off to Wales I go.”

Giving up make up AND gin? We couldn’t, but we totally admire Vicky’s dedication to fitness.

Words: Olivia Cooke

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