We Need To Talk About Charlotte Crosby's Completely Unique Choice Of Footwear

There’s nothing we love more than a totally bizarre fashion decision which is why we’re so emotionally invested in the pair of giant unicorn slippers Charlotte Crosby wears to chill out in.

The former Geordie Shore lass has aways been forward-thinking in her style decisions (remember that pineapple swimsuit we all collectively lost our minds over?) and this product has done absolutely nothing to break the mould.

Let’s all get checking out a bunch of the Geordie Shore lasses most incredible transformations to date…

Charlotte debuted the look on Instagram alongside a dreamy and totally relatable life motto: “All you need in life is unicorn slippers,” she declared.

Naturally fans were all over the item: “Oh my god yes Char 😍😍👌👌” one person wrote, while another announced that the very invention of unicorn slippers are what dreams are literally made of: “I need these,” she hinted.

Charlotte Crosby wears unicorn slippers and we need them tbh

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While she’s probably not going to be rocking these treads on a night out on the Toon, we’re pretty sure a bunch of girls up and down the country are currently adding those majestic unicorn shoes to their Christmas wishlist.

Us included.

Source:: MTV — News