What You NTK About The Irish Abortion Referendum

The Eighth Amendment is what voters will be voting for and against on Friday. It states that the value of an unborn foetus’s life is equal to the value of its mother, so that foetus’s right to life must be protected even against its mother’s will.

Why do some people want to repeal it?

Say you’re an Irish girl/ woman who has been raped and who has become pregnant with your rapist’s baby. If you decide you can’t face having the baby and want an abortion, you’ll have to travel elsewhere (many come to the UK), where you can safely and legally have an abortion. This depends on you having the money to buy plane or ferry tickets and accommodation, and on having time that you can book out of your schedule to go.

If you don’t have these things and opt for an illegal abortion in Ireland, you could face up to 14 years in jail. As well as worrying about criminal punishment, there’s also a lot of shame attached to abortions in Ireland and those who’ve decided to have one can’t necessarily process their emotions with the support of loved ones around them.

According to the UK Department of Health, in 2016