Wiz Khalifa Promises Music Video and 100 Remixes of 'I'll Beat Yo Ass!'

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Wiz Khalifa

Promises Music Video & 100 Remixes

… Of ‘I’ll Beat Yo Ass!’

10/20/2018 12:20 AM PDT


Wiz Khalifa is so jacked up about his song with Tyron Woodley … he’s tellin’ TMZ Sports 100 different versions of it are on the way!!!

We got Wiz leaving The Forum on Wednesday night when we brought up the magic words that turned him from laid-back rapper to hype man … “Your track with Tyron Woodley.”

“Oh, man, ‘I’ll Beat Yo Ass!’?” Wiz says … “That song goes hard as hell!!”

Of course … Woodley made the anthem with Wiz a few weeks ago — and even rap legends like Snoop Dogg have hit up the UFC star asking to be on the remix!

Count Wiz in as one of the people who loves it … ’cause he says a music video AND a TON of remixes for it are up next!!!

As for if Khalifa wants to keep collabin’ with fighters down the road … he says of course — “Every last one of them, man!”

Can’t. Wait.

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Source:: TMZ – Music News