You Can Now Take A Course On Frank Ocean At University

Completely clueless about chemical bonds but convinced you could write a kickass essay about the cultural impact of Channel Orange? Then, dear reader, we may have just found the perfect university course for you.

Proving that dreams really do come true, two students at UC Berkeley have just been given the go-ahead to launch their own course on Frank Ocean, titled “Brain Like Berkeley.”

Let’s get checking out whether a bunch of guys can apply a set of false lashes…

Preya Gill tweeted that the college has approved an idea that she and a pal suggested, writing: “I proposed a course on Frank Ocean @ UC Berkeley and it got approved! Very stoked to be teaching it in the fall. Come sign up~ ‪@katonya”

In an email interview with The Fader, she said that herself and Deborah Chang became friends over a shared love of the R&B singer and quickly hatched up an idea for a student-taught class surrounding his work.

The course itself is set to explore the singer’s “artistic history, upbringing, background, musical influences, artist identity, and the way he challenges dominant social concepts such as toxic-masculinity and gender politics.”

Preya added that students will be able to sign up for the course from August via the college website: “We hope to provide a safe environment where students can discuss his poetry and music with sensitivity, creative respect, and open-mindedness.”


While Frank himself is yet to comment on the course, his brother and mum are said to have endorsed the idea on their social-media accounts. Now how cheap is a flight to California?

Source:: MTV — News