You Won't Believe What Stunt Jemma Lucy Has Pulled AGAIN After Getting Major Beef For It Last Time

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Jemma Lucy has gone and done it again. And it is VINTAGE JEMZ.


After last month’s palaver, when Jemma lay on the front of a Range Rover while it was moving in traffic, she’s done the exact same thing again, this time blasting some old school Eminem.

But this time she had totally legit medical reasons bbz. *cough*

After undergoing Brazilian butt surgery this week she is unable to sit on said behind so HAS to lie on her front. So you can see her logic.

Kind of.


She posted her behaviour to Instagram, captioning the shot: ‘When you need to go shopping on your birthday and u can’t sit down yet cos of my BBL operation.. new ways of travelling. My fave song by Eminem too (sic).’

Is it even real life if Jemma isn’t groping someone naked in a shower or riding on the front of a Range blasting out Kill You by Eminem?

We literally can’t wait to see what she’s going to pull tomorrow.

Oh and kids, don’t try that at home yeah?

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Source:: MTV – News