You'll Never Guess The Career Route Marnie Simpson Wants To Go Down Next

Marnie Simpson might have conquered every element of reality TV and designed her own range of contact lenses but there’s still one thing she’d like to get grips with in the next few years.

The Geordie Shore lass has decided that she’d quite like to get up to scratch with the application of make-up and is already crowd-sourcing the kind of courses that could polish up her technique.

Let’s all get checking out what the parents of the Geordie Shore cast look like IRL, purely because we’re all nosy af…

Joining the ranks of ex castmember Sam Bentham who decided to launch his own barbershop in Newcastle, Marnie reckons getting a make-up qualification under her belt would be a pretty good idea.

She floated the idea to her followers on Twitter, writing that she’s determined to gain a place on the “best” course going. “Where is the best place to train for make up,” she asked. “I really wana do a make up course !!!!! Anyone help.”

Where is the best place to train for make up. I really wana do a make up course !!!!!

Anyone help

— Marnie. (@MarnieGShore) November 13, 2017

A bunch of fans responded with a selection of colleges up and down the country that offer prestigious beauty courses while one person out there wants Marnie to switch on the camera and launch her own YouTube tutorials.

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Considering Marnie’s make-up is always flawlessly applied, we have a pretty good feeling she’ll be coming out top of the class in all those contouring lessons. Best of luck, Marns.

Source:: MTV — News